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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support you?
There are many ways! If you just want to drop a few dollars my way once in a while ($3 increments) you can simply click on TIP JAR on the left side of the page! If you want to purchase a plushie, sculpture, painting, digital artwork like stationary and grimoire pages, digital coaching / self-help products and guides, or anything else I may create, click on SHOP on the left side of the page to browse everything I've currently got for sale!

Do you take commissions?
No!! After over 12 years of taking commissions in all different mediums, I have finally closed ALL commissions PERMANENTLY. I do not accept commissions anymore, and there are no exceptions. I cannot feel obligated to do things, and it's clear to me now that this was the biggest contributor to my depression for all those years. I'm now free from depression because I understand this, and other things, about myself. If you are seeking custom art or a freelance artist for any jobs, I am not your girl. Thank you for your interest though!

Where is the best place to talk to you?
I prefer to use DeviantART, just leave a comment on my front page! But if you don't have a DA account, then I suppose you could always engage with some of my tweets and leave comments there! It may turn into a nice conversation. ^^

Can I draw one of your characters?
Yes of course, I'd love to see it! I'm most active on Twitter and DeviantART so let me know where you post it! Or if you just put it on your own Neocities site with your other art, I will check it out there! ^^

Who is Mel the Fox and why did you give her a website?
Mel is my Sonic persona that I first made in 2007! She got fairly popular back then in a matter of months, but soon after in 2008, I felt trapped by drawing so much Sonic art and entirely abandoned her from then on. Then around 2014-2015 I sort of felt like I could bring her back a little bit, drew her a couple of times here and there, but now in 2020 I've been drawing her a lot more. A handful of people from back in 2007 and 2008 still remember and love her, and since I've had so many years of development and interaction with Mel as a character, I thought it would be fun to make her a site that is run by her in first person, now that I have a pretty clear understanding of her personality! Mel basically is what started my journey on the internet as a content creator, and so I feel like she deserves her own little site! :D


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